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by Benbe


I just cannot express how this blew my mind, in general, the work you did here in this close-up is as amazing as the whole painting (which can be found on your gallery as a WIP). The use of colors, specially on the eyes, is one of the things that impresses me most. The shading and the use of a greyish pink to a more purple-redish tone, is really beautiful, and you displayed all the wrinkles very well, making me think of an old immortal being. When most of the art we see in this website is digital, a wood painting is really cool and highlights the talent of the artist (I don't have anything against people that use digital media, I just think that it is more difficult to work with real paint, specially when you make a mistake, since there is no ctrl Z...)


I don't have much to state here, overall, the picture is astounishing. Oh, and the hand in the corner (which I believe is yours) give a nice little touch to the picture.


Unfortunately, I've seen quite a few paintings of poseidon, however, I must be true, your drawing is the best of all the ones I've got to see.


I also don't have a lot to say, you're a brilliant artist!


Again sorry for my lack of words and poor lenguage, but the impact the deviation made to me when I saw it on facebook just made me think I had the obligation to make a critique.
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